5 Ways to Choose a Good Shipping Agent

21.10.23 07:55 AM By Hira Bahadur

Choosing a high-quality and trustworthy shipping company is a crucial step when seeking logistics services. Opting for a cost-effective shipping company is something everyone desires, but what's equally important is the trustworthiness of these shipping companies. This is because any errors can have a significant impact on your business and result in substantial damages. Let's explore the five ways to select a reliable and reputable shipping company:

  1. Verify the Legitimacy of the Company:

Choose a shipping agent with a genuine and trustworthy identity. They should have a registered address. Verify their registration with the Department of Business Development to ensure their legitimacy.

  1. Expertise in doing Customs Clearance in Specific Types of Goods:

Select a company that has expertise in doing Customs Clearance in the specific type of goods you are dealing with. Check if they have experience handling similar items in the past.

  1. Price and Service Conditions in the Quotation:

Examine the quotation carefully, including sea, air, and land freight rates, service fees, and the terms and conditions. Ensure that the pricing and conditions align with your expectations and requirements.

4. Communication Convenience and Responsiveness:

When using the services of a shipping agent, pay attention to their communication methods and responsiveness. Do they answer calls promptly? Are they active on social media platforms like Facebook? How quickly do they respond to your inquiries? 

5. Clarity and Accuracy in Billing:

If you receive an invoice from the shipping agent, ensure that it matches the terms and conditions originally provided. If there are discrepancies, discuss and reach a mutual understanding.

Hira Bahadur