3 types of trucks that you should know

05.05.23 10:24 AM By Hira Bahadur
Trucks play a crucial role in transporting goods and raw materials to various locations. There are various types of trucks available based on their usage and transportation characteristics.

Choosing the type of truck to use depends on the nature of the goods or materials to be transported, the distance to be covered, the weight and quantity of the items, and the condition of the roads. These factors affect the cost and convenience of transporting goods and materials.

There are many types of trucks used for transporting goods, each with different characteristics and uses, including:

            Pickup trucks are a type of small-sized truck with the capability to transport small-sized goods such as boxes or small bags. They are flexible in usage and have an open-ended structure. Pickup trucks are commonly used for transporting goods within cities or nearby areas since they are small-sized and can access narrow places, especially where larger trucks cannot reach, such as markets, narrow alleys, or suspension bridges. Moreover, pickup trucks also have the ability to pass through narrow roads and highways that are smaller than other types of trucks.

Pickup trucks have a lower weight capacity than a ten-wheeled truck, with the ability to carry approximately 1-3 tons depending on their design and size. Therefore, pickup trucks are usually used for transporting lightweight goods or small pieces of cargo.

            10-wheeler trucks is a type of truck that has a total of 10 wheels, with 2 front wheels, 2 middle wheels, and 6 rear wheels. It has a strong and sturdy structure, and is used for transporting heavy and large volume goods, such as construction materials, hazardous materials, energy, and various industrial products. It can travel to destinations both within cities and to different provinces.

In addition, a 10-wheeler truck can also deliver goods to destinations that are forests or have rough roads, and it is easy to change routes. It can carry more load than a regular truck. However, due to its large size and weight, the driver must be cautious and choose a suitable route based on the truck's capacity.

A 10-wheeler truck has the ability to carry more weight than a regular truck, with a load capacity of about 20-25 tons, but the load capacity may vary depending on the design and type of the truck.

Tractor Trucks is a larger and longer truck than a normal truck. Its structure is designed to be able to tow a trailer and transport a wide variety of goods in one go. It is often used for transporting heavy and large-volume goods such as steel, building materials, electrical equipment, and industrial machinery, which are usually transported on long distances and highways.

The structure of a Tractor Truck differs from that of a normal truck, with the main structure located at the front of the vehicle for connection with the trailer. Its length and height are higher than that of a normal truck to support towing with a trailer. It has a larger engine than a normal truck to transport goods over long distances and at higher speeds. Additionally, a Tractor Truck is capable of delivering goods to difficult-to-reach locations, such as airports, ports, and industrial factories, which cannot be accessed by a normal truck.

The weight capacity of a Tractor Truck depends on the model and conditions of use, such as the density of the road surface, engine power, and road conditions.

Hira Bahadur