Top 5 Agricultural Products Exported from Thailand in 2022

15.08.23 10:12 AM By Hira Bahadur

According to the report from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, in the past year of 2022, Thailand achieved agricultural product exports exceeding 23.7 million tons, valued at more than 536 billion Baht! Today, Pegruma presents a summary of the top 5 hottest agricultural exports from Thailand. Let's take a look:

1st: Fresh Fruits - With an export quantity of over 2.94 million tons, valued at 172 billion Baht. Notable fruits include the king of fruits, durian, young coconuts, and longan.

2nd: Rice - With an export quantity of more than 5.22 million tons, valued at 102 billion Baht. White rice takes the lead in exports, followed by fragrant rice.       

3rd: Natural Rubber and Rubber Products - With an export quantity of over 1.65 million tons, valued at 90.3 billion Baht. This includes a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, latex, and rubber sheets.

4th: Wood and Wood Products - With an export quantity of over 4.42 million tons, valued at 52.1 billion Baht. This category includes teakwood, rubberwood, and compressed wood panels.

5th: Cassava and Cassava Products - With an export quantity of over 7.82 million tons, valued at 51.5 billion Baht. Products include cassava noodles, cassava slices, and cassava starch.

It is evident that Thailand's agricultural products hold immense value in exports. If you are a business owner, whether in the agricultural sector or other industries, and you are interested in expanding your customer base by exporting products abroad, Pegruma, our logistics company, is here to assist you. We are a leading provider of comprehensive logistics services both domestically and internationally, all at competitive prices. Feel free to add us on LINE to inquire and learn more.

Hira Bahadur